Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontist Treatment

Early treatment:

Orthodontic treatment may be useful from the age of three. Defects are detected early, it can often be treated by miofunctional exercises. The early loss of milk teeth can lead to lack of space for eruption of the permanent teeth. Using mestopazitel (place keeper), in these cases, may prevent subsequent improper alignment of the teeth. Therefore timely and effective measures can be taken to avoid subsequent orthodontic treatment or it can be shorter.

Orthodontic treatment - Kids or Teenagers

Orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition

During replacement of deciduous teeth removable orthodontic appliances of colored plastics and special wire are most commonly used. Using these devices, can influence the growth of the jaws, improve the bite and the tone of the facial muscles. Proper development of the jaw prevents buildup of the new erupting permanent teeth and prevents the need for extraction (taking out) due to lack of space.

Orthodontic Treatment with Permanent Dentition.

After the breakthrough of all permanent teeth has ended and the main development of the jaws, from now on it will be more difficult to influence the growth of the jaws and act primarily on the position of the teeth. During this period the treatment is carried out by fixed appliances (braces).

Orthodontic treatment - Adults

Metal braces Damon Q

Damon Q brackets are passive self adjustable braces. Their uniqueness lies in the way retain the arc – a special slide mechanism. Thanks to this, the friction between the bracket and the arc is minimized, which allows faster and more comfortable movement of the teeth. Passive self adjustable brackets used weak biocompatible forces, thereby reducing the treatment period and allows for orthodontic treatment without extraction of teeth for a vacancy.

Ceramic braces Damon Clear

For adults it is especially important – how will appear during orthodontic treatment. To make treatment more discreet and imperceptible to others, ceramic brackets that are close to the color of your teeth can be used. Damon Clear braces have all the advantages of passive self adjustable brackets, at the same time aesthetics is not affected to a great extent.

Braces Insignia
Insignia are individual designed brackets, arcs and positioners for each tooth. Dental imprint of teeth is scanned with a high resolution and a 3D virtual model is created. Special software integrates these precise images to calculate the optimal bite and draw 3D visualization of the desired result. In each bracket, certain information about the direction and the number of degrees of the movement of the respective tooth is embedded. Arcs are produced depending on the anatomy of the patient and of the treatment plan. Calculate the exact location of bonding brackets is calculated and bonded with special positioners on the teeth.

Treatment with OrthoCaps is one of the most modern orthodontics. It takes place with transparent, almost invisible removable splints (aligners). After the initial review take fingerprints, which are scanned and 3D computer model of your teeth is produced. A virtual displacement of the teeth, the final result and the period of treatment can be seen. After its approval by the dentist and the patient, a series of splints for carrying out the treatment is prepared. Each subsequent aligner moves your teeth step by step, week after week to their final position.

Combined Orthodontic and Surgical Treatment

In some severe deformation in the bite a combination of orthodontic and surgical treatment is required. These are the cases of skeletal deformities, which cannot be influenced only by orthodontic treatment, and there is a need for surgical intervention. The treatment consists of three stages. In the first (pre-surgical stage) teeth are arranged and the shape of dental arches is adjusted using certain appliances. Then through orthognathic surgery the respective jaw moves in proper bite. In the third post-surgical stage the bite is adjusted finely.

Orthodontic Treatment before Prosthetics:

To achieve better and lasting prosthetic treatment the position of the neighboring defect teeth and bite as a whole must be taken into account. In many cases, an orthodontic treatment before prosthesis may allow placement of an implant or bridge in places where it would not be possible without this Advance preparation.

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I traveled to Bulgaria with my wife Svetlana from Meath county, Ireland. Dr. Somi made me brand new smile -  Placing of Dental Implants, Placing of Porcelain crowns and Veneers. This procedures would cost me a fortune back in Ireland, but in SomiDent Clinic I did full mouth restoration for a really great price. I recommend him with 2 thumbs up ! 🙂

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I've traveled from Cyprus to Bulgaria for this Dental Procedure, because of the good quality of service and low prices in SomiDent clinic. Dr. Somi placed me new Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns. I'm very happy from the results as you can see on my picture!

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