Dental Implants Treatment Abroad

Dental implants surgery abroad

Get a full or partial mouth restoration with high-quality dental implants in just 3 days for a fraction of the price in the UK.

Dental Implants Upper Jaw Befor And After

⇒ Do you need a dental implant, but the Dental insurance doesn’t cover it?

We've got a solution for you!

⇒ Travel and get your Smile restored with high-quality dental implants in SomiDent Clinic – Bulgaria for half the price cheaper than in the UK!

How can you receive the dental implant procedure?

  1. First of all, we need an e-mail from you with attached X-ray pictures and/or regular pictures and detailed explanation of your dental problem.
  2. After a brief communication with you by e-mail or phone, you will decide what kind of procedure you need like:
  • Dental implant for single tooth - Single Dental Implant cost 550 Euro
  • Dental implants upper or lower jaw – The procedure for a single jaw requires 6 Dental implants and 12 Crowns and it cost 4500 euro
  • Dental implants both jaws – Full mouth restoration with Dental Implants requires 12 implants with 24 Crowns and it cost 9600 euro

After this, we will agree on a date when you will be flying to Bulgaria.

Detailed information about flights to Bulgaria from UK, Ireland, and Scotland you can find HERE.

Arrival in Bulgaria

When you arrive at Sofia airport you will be transferred to our clinic in Samokov near Borovets Ski Resort. The cost of transfer is 35 Pounds in one direction and is about 40-50 minutes ride with a luxury car.


Accommodation in Our Private Hotel

When you arrive in SomiDent Clinic you will be accommodated in our Private Hotel just above the clinic FOR FREE. Yes, you will stay for 3 days FOR FREE in our Hotel until the dental implant procedure is finished. If you wish you can take your husband or wife with you and they will also stay for free in our hotel with you. Our Hotel has nice and bright rooms which include - Large Bed, Free Cable TV, Free Wifi internet, A/C, Bathroom.


The Dental Implantation Procedure


The dental implantation is done for 3 days and it’s made in few steps:

Mouth preparation

If needed some teeth’s are removed with local sedation. We work really careful and professional. We want the whole procedure of mouth preparation to be pain-free for you. Your comfort and security are in safe hands with our team.

Placing of the Dental Implants

The dental implants are placed in one surgery right after the mouth preparation. Your teeth with the good long-term condition will be saved and used in the new construction with the dental implants. After all the dental implants are placed on your jaw we will get your bite impression and our dental technicians will start to make your new Crowns from Metal Ceramics.



Placing of Fixed Temporary Bridges

After 1 or 2 days your new teeth will be cemented on your dental implants. With few minor adjustments, you will enjoy your new smile.

That's All! Enjoy your New Smile!

We will transfer you back to the airport in Sofia and you will come home with a bright new smile!

(Transfer cost is 35 Pounds in one direction)

Get a free consultation via E-mail!

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