About us

About us

About SomiDent Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic has been founded in 2006. The founder is Dr. Lian Somi,  he is  Orthodontist who specialized in  implantology – prosthetist .

Dr. Lian Somi was born in the Syrian city of Qamishli. Since 1986 has been living in Bulgaria. He graduated in Dentistry Dental School in the Capital of Bulgaria – Sofia in 1995. There are 21 years of practice in his own clinic in the town of Samokov. He is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association and the Bulgarian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. He acquired Postgraduate qualification in Bulgaria and abroad in Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. Dr. Somi has participated in a number of dental symposiums and congresses not only in Bulgaria but also abroad.

Thanks to his proficiency and extraordinary humanity Dr. Somi has earned the trust of many Bulgarian and foreign patients, living in England, Germany, USA, Belgium, Ireland & Scotland. Lifelong practice and highly qualified expertise of Dr. Somi and advanced technologies applied using high quality latest equipment with which the clinic has been equipped are prerequisite not only for accurate diagnosis and successful implementation of clinical processes, but also for creative approach to the needs of each patient in the name of his full life & great smile.

What Dental Services do We Provide ?.

In the clinic of Dr. Somi advanced periodontal (gum) and endodontic (root canal) therapy, and oral surgery have been successfully implemented. Professional skills of Dr. Somi combined with aspiration each patient to receive relevant information about their condition, to feel the care and responsibility to complete quality process of treatment to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, to ensure reliability and future. Professionalism and high-tech equipment guarantee the safety minimally invasive, painless and optimum results. SOMIDENT Dental Clinic offers treatment in the following areas: - Aesthetic Dentistry & Endodontics treatment are carried out using modern trends in endodontics: machine processing of endodontics, hot condensation and treatment. - General anesthesia – routine application of treatment with general anesthesia. - Dental Surgery Implants Check out our Dental Services in our Services Page - Click Here

Our Medical Team

Dr. Lian Somi

Dr. Lian Somi

Implantologist and Orthodontist

Our clinic's Manager & Owner, Dr. Lian Somi has been working in this field of medical specialization since 1995. He is Dentist - Orthodontist with specialization  in Dental Surgery Implants.After founding his own clinic in 2006 he brought all his experience here. Most of all he loves to see you walk out with a bright wide smile!

Dr. Ivo Yonkov

Dr. Ivo Yonkov


Dr. Ivo Yonkov is experienced dentist with years of practice. He works at our dental clinic since we opened.
He is the right hand of Dr. Lian Somi and together they make a perfect team.

Veska Simidchiyska

Veska Simidchiyska

Practical Nurse

She is our senior practical nurse at the SomiDent clinic. She truly represents all the care that our dental office is surrounded with and our patients feel that every time. 

Rima Lian Somi

Rima Lian Somi

Assistant Dentist

Rima Lian Somi is Dental Assistant in Our clinic. She is learning Dental Medicine in Munster, Germany and she is currently in her 4th year.  As soon as she graduate in Germany , she will become full time member of "International Dental Clinic - SomiDent".

Why choose the SomiDent clinic?

Easy booking

Booking an appointment at our dental clinic is as easy as doing 2 clicks or just Call us!


Combined, our dentists have over half a century of practical experience. They are ready to bring back your smile !

Flexible schedule

We work with a flexible schedule and We can plan your dentist procedures according to your time.

Best price guarantee

Our reasonable prices for dental surgery implants and various dental procedures made thousands of people smile with a new, beautiful smile, as never before!!

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